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First Christian Church of Wilmington First Christian Church of Wilmington

Photo Gallery: YouthServ Ministry Photo Gallery: YouthServ Ministry

YouthServ Ministry
Final Day
Saying our bye's to Mr. Tarsi
Viewed 2100 times
YouthServ & Ninos de Baja
All good things must come to an end...
Viewed 2173 times
Final Day
YouthServ saying their ''bye for nows"...
Viewed 2002 times
Final Day
All smiles... Ine & Luz, Wes & Carlos, Nyl & Cesar
Viewed 1942 times
Final Day...
Travis & Poldo... all smiles!
Viewed 1922 times
Final Day...
Tumua, Cesar & Rosio...
Viewed 2161 times
Final Day @ Ninos de Baja
To & Erica... beautiful smiles!
Viewed 2064 times
Wrong Way Marcus!
Nonetheless... serving others, hehe :)
Viewed 2073 times
Fun Day @ Ninos de Baja
Erica & Luz enjoying their gifts
Viewed 2005 times
The wonders of face paint!
Viewed 1979 times
Wes painting Marcus Jr's face...
Viewed 2051 times
Final Day-Fun Day @ Orphanage
Playing 'Musical Chairs' with the kids...
Viewed 2127 times
Ninos de Baja
Anjelica decorating her gingerbread house!
Viewed 2022 times
Ninos de Baja
Poncho... the funny guy of the crew!
Viewed 2038 times
Final Day-Fun Day @ Orphanage
Kids lining up to receive their goodies!
Viewed 1992 times
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